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@  99RegalClone : (03 May 2016 - 05:00 AM) hey guys and gals, hows everyone been doing? sorry im not on as much and seeing i dont have my centuregal. but i do get to see it when the new owner wants me to change the oil and stuff
@  cryptnix : (26 April 2016 - 12:25 AM) I find it strange user rjmjr69 has 8 million active posts...
@  cryptnix : (26 April 2016 - 12:24 AM) Waffle. Waffle. Shuffle. Shuffle.
@  00GrcyGtr : (20 April 2016 - 09:38 PM) I always seem to have several T40 bits, they are used in many other applications also.
If I seen any shine on the nug tips, I pitch, but I have noticed as you mention, the rounding of the ends of those.
I hit the end with a tool and flatten it out, they work for a few more jobs.
Maybe that's why I seem to have so many?
@  tippietoejoe : (14 April 2016 - 08:04 AM) Seems that my T40 bit was not truly flat on the end and thus not fitting all the way into the bolt. With a new T40 I was able to remove the bolts.....so to answer my own question a T40 is the size and just make sure the end of the bit it completely flat.
@  tippietoejoe : (12 April 2016 - 09:12 PM) Does anyone know the torx bit size of the SC snout bolt?...I have a t40 it was too small and a t45 is too large. I searched lowes and advance auto and they only sell t40 t45 t50. thanks guys
@  gojo83 : (08 April 2016 - 04:09 AM) Talked to the body guy buddy of mine today 90ish % of the key damage will literally buff out he said there is only about maybe 1-1.5 inches of actual deep damage
@  marcleach75 : (28 March 2016 - 09:31 PM) Vandals galore in that neighborhood. Crappy.
@  gojo83 : (28 March 2016 - 09:07 PM) yup whole side of the car
@  marcleach75 : (28 March 2016 - 08:15 PM) really?
@  gojo83 : (28 March 2016 - 02:15 PM) what kind of asshole keys a car
@  Akviruz : (27 March 2016 - 09:01 PM) anyone on?
@  BurntCircuits : (18 March 2016 - 08:45 PM) PM sent ...
@  RoadMonster : (16 March 2016 - 11:46 AM) Shout out to BurntCircuits, Larry if you still visit this forum please pm or email me. I need of some wicked car audio.
@  amarx2002 : (14 March 2016 - 09:40 PM) Sup fellas. Haven't been on herein a few years. About to throw a GSX spoiler on classifieds. Just a heads up if anyone's interested
@  gojo83 : (14 March 2016 - 03:16 PM) new 9c1 sway in the rear new tie rod ends new struts all around, new dorman sway up front new GA rear brakes new fbody brakes up front car drives so much better and will be even better when the alignment is done
@  Tobias05 : (01 March 2016 - 09:01 PM) i was just a bit surprised it seemed i got almost 3/4 turn on my lugs before the TQ wrench clicked. I thought i had the wrong TQ setting it scared me lol...
@  tippietoejoe : (01 March 2016 - 06:36 PM) I completely agree, although I get lazy sometimes
@  00GrcyGtr : (01 March 2016 - 06:04 PM) I've always felt it was best to torque nuts, then drive a couple miles and re-check torque. This is just my OC opinion, but having been around racing and road track cars, it got to be a habit.
@  Tobias05 : (01 March 2016 - 09:42 AM) Is it common to have to re-torque lug nuts after front wheel hub R&R test drive?

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Dash light flash

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#1 Geojb


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 11:17 AM

OK need a conformation here.
This happens irregularly. No correlation to hitting bumps or any thing else.

On the dash, I'll get the full "Christmas lights", reset the gages and the Ding, ding, ding..... Then back to normal. Car stays running. ( crosses fingers as panic sets in )

It's just started doing this, this past week, Maybe once or twice a day.

Bad Battery connection?
Ignition switch / key tumbler?

I don't remember which.

Who has "fixed this" Ign. switch by spraying contact/Maf cleaner in there?
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#2 Wildcat


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 06:24 AM

Exactly what mine did when the ignition switch went out. I have not done the cleaning myself (just the replacement), but there is at least one good article here (or a link to clubgp) that goes through the clean up routine.
I have taken one apart though, and will say that you do need to take care. Even though the parts are all relatively large (as compared to a watch?), but are finicky enough that you would want to have steady hands and a good memory for where they all go. Or take pictures as you go.

But the symptom is definitely the same as my switch. It really would rear up when I would use the turn signal switch, and only killed the engine after it had been doing it for a few weeks.
On the other hand, my '03 LS gave no prior warning when it went out and just literally died out of the blue going down the freeway. Oddly enough, when the GS finally gave out I was going down the freeway too. I guess it just "knows" when you're in an awkward spot.

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#3 Geojb


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 08:48 AM

Thanks, thats what I was afraid of.......
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#4 dmon901



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Posted 04 February 2013 - 12:46 PM

Did this happen before you did your extensive engine work? I would check all my grounds and power feeds before I condemn an ignition switch.

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